About Us

The STA Inter-Global Pte Ltd (STA) is a Singapore-based polyethylene and polypropylene manufacturer. Singapore owned and grown, we are committed to being a resource of packaging solutions for our customers in order to help them better understand the world of plastic packaging and the environmental policy choices facing Singapore and other countries.

Founded in 2001, STA’s goal is to start a conversation with our customers about their needs and create value, save time, ensure logistic flow and be better prepared for their businesses.

What We Do

Our mission is to be a resource of packaging solutions and a source of packaging materials, and to provide reliable, trustworthy, high quality products to help customers better cope with their business needs.

STA is first and foremost a manufacturing company whose members represent a group unmatched in accomplishments. Based through the country and also in Malaysia, STA brings together the top talent and expertise to generate products unparalleled in quality, reliability and value.

We came together in 2001 with these 4 priorities -

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We aim to make Singapore self- sufficient and to provide an uninterruptible supply chain and logistics flow right to our customers’ door. We have proven to be capable of withstanding the supply chain challenges of Covid-19. We have supplied and continue to supply frontline services throughout the circuit breaker with no disruptions.

Our pride rests with our manufacturing facility helmed by our talented head of operations, Chief Thomas Voon. To ensure consistency and accuracy, particularly in customised brand designs, our operations team is well- trained in Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean management. Chief Voon excels in agility of production and quality assurance. In fact, we have consistently passed our ISO 9001; 2015 certification with zero citations.

Our warehousing and delivery unit ensures robust stockpiling for our customers and also flexible delivery schedule. As we do not rely on third party last mile delivery or shared warehousing, we are able to ensure that our food-grade packaging materials meet the highest standards of food safety, quality and hygiene. Owning our delivery unit allows us to provide complete customer satisfaction, and deliver our customers’ desired volume of products at a time, schedule and location of their convenience.



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