Art of Production

STA manufactures our own products. We have control over the entire process. This is where we outshine other plastic packaging distributers in the market.

They are middle-man. We are the true makers.

Good products start with good materials. We choose our raw materials carefully. We blend them to create any color our customers selects. We can produce vibrant colours, we can also introduce translucency. Most high quality coloured translucent bags are our making.

Like processed food, many plastic bags on the market contains high levels of filling material. These fillers, usually chalk, is much cheaper than the raw materials. As a result, these sub-standard bags feel powdery, leaves the products in the bag covered with a layer of fine dust. They are also fragile and requires routine double bagging. They are also very difficult to open. STA bags are easy to open, pure in color, vibrant in print and are as strong as they are tensile. Our quality assurance department tests our bags on a tensilometer and a jogger” machine that simulates the bag, filled with products, being carried and walked around to ensure their strength. The quality assurance is so robust and the process is so lean that we surpassed six sigma consistently and this translates to better value for our customers. 



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